Check here for development updates

Check here for development updates

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Development updatesPosted by Logophil Tue, April 23, 2019 23:05:31

Yes, you are reading your scanner right - Xenomarine version 1.0 is here to meet all your alien-busting needs.

Here's a summary of changes in this version.

* Complete set of achievements (27 new achievements added)
* Long-awaited balance improvements e.g. better distribution of terminals
* UI improvements e.g. scrolling with middle mouse button
* Many, many bugs fixed

Overall these stability and balance improvements mean that you can now take full advantage of the ever-changing challenges, ever-new equipment and ever-more deadly hordes of aliens to level 30 and well beyond!

Full list of changes:

NEW: 27 new steam achievements
NEW: middle mouse button or alt+mouse to scroll
NEW: description of statuses shown in info panel
NEW: added description of tracking ability to xenobiology panel
NEW: added help message when trying to equip multiple forcefield
NEW: critical hit chance for equipped weapon shown in main UI display
NEW: sound effects for lightning and singularity globes
BALANCE: improved balance in generation of terminals, workbenches and chests so at least one of each will almost always be found on each level
BALANCE: damage of heavy drone weapons reduced
BALANCE: fusion grenade damage type changed to explosive
MOD: disabled equipping hacking device in belt slot if have 0% hacking skill - added help message explaining this if try
MOD: forcefield bar display now shows % of max power rather than absolute power value
MOD: improved damage sound effects for alien plants
MOD: improved scanner animations for map feature scanners
MOD: 'enemy is electrocuted' log message now includes how much damage is taken
MOD: traps now have 100% chance of causing status effect for damage type
FIX:bug where mindcontrolled enemies cause status effect to wrong enemy when attacking
FIX: encumbramce help message does not wrap in text box
FIX: bug with some previously unseen rooms and walls being visible after using generator
FIX: various minor issues with text on character and inventory screen
FIX: bug where hacking device cannot be added to belt while forcefield is equipped
FIX:hacking device shown as forcefield stats
FIX: bug where when equipping weapon in place of weapon attached to quickslot, quickslot also changes
FIX: 'you completed alpha version' incorrectly shown when dieing on level 16 or higher
FIX: large rambler animations are sometimes too fast
FIX: bug where shooting at tile with an undetected trap produces log message 'you have triggered a trap' without actually triggering the trap
FIX: trap-related log messages sometimes appear in confusing order
FIX: scanners occasionally fail to reveal aliens
FIX: map is sometimes not revealed after resting
FIX: no sound effect when aliens die of poison
FIX: no longer 'gain knowledge' about field generators when their power runs out
FIX: 'a hostile small gun turret comes into view' shown after placing turret from inventory
FIX: bug where goodie crate pickup and triggering traps is delayed till next turn
FIX: incorrect damage sound played for turrets and field generators
FIX: improved log messages for aliens attacking friendly units
FIX: bug where learned skills are not shown in correct colour
FIX: incorrect rambler walk sound
FIX: when loading level when cloaking field is equipped animation starts even if cloaking field is switched off
FIX: log now shows damage absorbed by armor when no damage taken.
FIX: bug with tracking number of player controlled drones when teleporting to new level
FIX: bug with energy scanner,equipment scanner, and bioscanner not revealing all relevant targets
FIX: ESP globe no longer generates 'X comes into view' log messages
FIX: inventory description now includes regeneration effect of regeneration globes
FIX: alien globes are now correctly sorted in inventory
FIX: improved inventory description of forcefields crafted at workbench
FIX: bug allowing player controlled drones to attack other player controlled mobs

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