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Check here for development updates

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Xenomarine is a sci-fi roguelike game. Click here for the main game site.

Xenomarine Beta Release

Development updatesPosted by Logophil Mon, May 14, 2018 09:03:24
It's been a long time coming: Xenomarine is now at Beta. The game is now complete in terms of having all the content and features originally planned (as well as a whole lot that was not originally planned but was added on the way!).

It's not yet transitioning to full Steam release for three main reasons:

1) While the game is basically stable and all known bugs have been fixed, a further period of testing and player feedback is expected to reveal additional harder-to-find bugs
2) Similarly, during Beta further testing and player feedback is expected to lead to minor game difficulty and balance adjustments
3) Finally, during Beta, further Steam achievements will be added

So if you'd like to help shape the final product please do use this opportunity to give feedback - the best place for this is the discussions section of the Steam community.

Xenomarine Beta includes improved highscore stats, Steam leaderboards and some significant changes requested by players, such as a 'bestiary' and the ability to continue 'adventure mode' games without restarting the level. Here's a full list of changes:


NEW: description of how player died added to morguefile
NEW: number of drones/turrets hacked to morguefiles
NEW: enemy kills screen now shows detailed Xenobiology info
MOD: improved alien kills and general morguefile layout
FIX: some incorrect alien images on alien kills screen


NEW: can now access all Xenobiology info learned in each run via special Xenobiology ('bestiary') screen (using 'x' key)


NEW: Steam leaderboards added for highest number of kills and highest level reached


MOD: increase hit points for medium and heavy turrets
MOD: experience gain for destroying drones and turrets increased if unit is hostile
MOD: no experience gain when player controlled drone or turret is killed
MOD: night vision goggles battery life tripled
MOD: further tweaks to difficulty progression
FIX: advanced rocket launcher no longer has 20 ammo capacity!


NEW: added 3 new tips relating to xenobiology
NEW: more detailed skill info on character screen including new perks
NEW: push back chance shown with block info in inventory screen
NEW: log messages now describe turrets as neutral or hostile


NEW: sound effects for alien plants and slicers
MOD: improved railgun sound
FIX: sound effect for large reaper fixed


MOD: can now continue adventure mode games without restarting level
MOD: aliens no longer not attack scout drones unless blocking path to another target
FIX: movement controls improved to avoid accidentally moving two tiles with a keypress
FIX: bug with pathfinding causing paths to be traced through turrets, causing infinite loop
FIX: bug where flamethrower cannot be fired with mouse from targeting mode
FIX: bug where flamethrower cannot be used to attack eggs when targeting an adjacent square
FIX: bug allowing placement of turrets in odd locations e.g. pit tiles
FIX: bug where not able to set traps on certain floor tiles
FIX: bug where hidden mechanism detecter fails to reveal secret doors if player has already
failed a spot throw for that door
FIX: removed irrelevant xenobiology log messages for drones and turrets
FIX: bug causing log messages which say damage type has been resisted despite 0% resistance

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