Check here for development updates

Check here for development updates

About Xenomarine

Xenomarine is a sci-fi roguelike game. Click here for the main game site.

Demo Version 2.0.0 Released

Development updatesPosted by Logophil Thu, September 22, 2016 21:31:12
Released today on, the new update to the Demo version of Xenomarine has so many new features I called it v2.0. The biggest change to game experience will be the increased variety, both in terms of new enemy types and map design. But there are also major improvements to the UI, including drag and drop for the inventory, and better support for keyboard-only and mouse-only play styles. The full changelog below.

NEW: Enemy types

-6 new enemy types with new animations and sound effects
-new distinctive behaviours for each enemy type

NEW: Level generation features
-extra-large rooms (large‘vaults’) with thousands of possible procedurally generated layouts
-levels include secret doors and areas
-new furniture tiles: desks, chairs and beds
-new animated sprites for level features such as the terminal
-code streamlining so quicker mapgen

NEW: improved mouse controls
-mouse automovement now turns player in right direction by default (strafe option available)
-can use mouse to change direction (right-click)
-can use mousewheel to zoom
-can use mouse to open doors
-can use mouse to reload and skip turn

NEW: improved keyboard controls
-support for numeric keypad
-can use keyboard for ranged combat
-keyboard shortcuts for quickslots
-keyboard ‘fast move’ option

NEW: Inventory UI
-drag and drop for inventory
-contextual menus allowing use of consumables direct from inventory
-weapons and armor can be added to quickslots to allow mid-combat equipment changes

NEW: General UI
-small and large minimap
-status effect indicator (e.g. for stimpack bonuses)
-low health and level-up indicators
-better support for high-resolution screens

Various other changes
-improved help text for workbench/terminal
-belts with additional quickslots more frequent
-powerful crowbars reduced
-shift / turns help on and off*
-encrypted save files
-new level ‘fade in’ effect
-new wall tiles for more realistic line-of-sight exploration
-some tiles renamed

Bug Fixes
-fixed bug with crate health not being saved
-fixed bug with enemy rotations not being saved

Demo Version 1.6.0 released

Development updatesPosted by Logophil Mon, May 23, 2016 06:09:08
Released today on, version 1.6 adds animation to Xenomarine for the first time, as well loads of game improvements, particularly when it comes to map generation. Maps now have some double-sized rooms, and also include two new types of floor tiles that make rooms more interesting: water (which gives a -10 to hit penalty) and floor gaps (which are impassable, but transparent to line of sight). As always, full changelog below.

Encountering an alien in a room with one of the new floor tiles:

NEW: Animation
Animated enemy sprites
Animated door opening
Targeting animation
Animated room features such as weapon lockers

NEW: Level generation features
Level-generation to include larger rooms (medium-sized ‘vaults’)
Floor tiles: gap and water tiles
Code streamlining so quicker mapgen

NEW: User interface features
Revised sound effects
Mousehover now shows info about type of map tiles
Add credits page to splashscreen
Automatic ordering of inventory now occurs whenever new item acquired
Player direction indicator now on by default

Balance adjustments
Map generation now includes more wide corridors for more diverse tactical situations
Strength skill no longer adds +1 damage each level, but only on levels 3 and 5
Elemental aliens now cause +100% elemental damange instead of +50%
Reduced hit points for crates so they are less effective as cover
Medibays removed from the game, medikits made more powerful
Decreased likelihood of torches being found

Bug Fixes
Fixed bug that allowed torches to be stacked in inventory with power of both running down simultaneously
Fixed bug that sometimes prevented reloading from taking a turn
Fixed bug causing occasional impassable void squares on map
Fixed bug that allowed crowbar with very good bonuses to be found on level 2
Fixed last few words being cut off in inventory help text
Fixed bug where damage numbers seemed to move beneath wall shadows

Version 1.5.1

Development updatesPosted by Logophil Sat, April 23, 2016 22:12:55
Just a small update with a couple of fixes:

FIX: missing space on 'facehugger comes into view' messages
FIX: default log detail level set to low rather than medium
FIX: added resolution dialog for Linux build to resolve issue with Unity Linux builds playing on systems with multiple monitors
MOD: added optional resolution dialog on launch for PC and Mac (accessible by pressing shift on launch).

Version 1.5 is here

Development updatesPosted by Logophil Sat, April 16, 2016 09:15:27
It's been a few weeks since the last release, and version 1.5.0 of the free Demo is finally here. Do download the game and try it for yourself! Full changelog is listed below, here's a screenshot of the new UI:

New UI Graphics

New splashscreen with procedural animation
New UI panel graphics (borders, buttons, colour scheme)
New inventory screen and item graphics
New workbench screen
New terminal screen
New option screen

Other UI improvements

A* pathfinding for player movement
One-click targeting for ranged weapons
New ammo/materials display
Resizable message log
Log message multipliers to reduce clutter
New control scheme options
Can set log detail level (low, medium, high detail)
Improved UI sound effects
Improved use of shift key
Improved text on workbench

Game improvements

Larger levels with more varied layouts
Improvement to alien AI (more unpredictable movement)
New skills: shield block and shield bash
Introduced ‘level feelings’


Rebalanced skills: e.g. health improvement more effective
Reduced weight limit before incurring negative encumbrance effect
Increase experience point increment for learning new skills
Reduced range at which aliens are audible
Increased stimpack duration from 10 to 15 turns

System improvements/bugfixes

Linux support (tested in Ubuntu 15.10)
Support for higher screen resolutions (tested in 1980x1080)
Demo size reduced to 3 levels (levels also larger)
FIX: too many ‘you see a…alien’ log messages
FIX: no sound effect for sort inventory
FIX: memory leak involving scanner
FIX: glitch with animated text e.g. on highscore panel when loading for second time
FIX: bug where pressing ‘c’ sometimes did not load character panel
FIX: occasional errors and inconsistencies in mouseover on player weapon info
FIX: encumbrance now recalculated on picking up items not just on opening inventory

Demo 1.4.1

Development updatesPosted by Logophil Tue, March 08, 2016 22:09:49
A few additional fixes and balance tweaks:

FIX: dark rooms are treated as light for line of sight purposes when starting new game without quitting.
FIX: number indicating quantity of usable items occasionally not shown in inventory after sorting
FIX: bug with enemy enemies covered by fog-of-war still visible in lit rooms
BALANCE: armor improvement scrap cost reduced
BALANCE: slightly higher scrap drop

Demo 1.4.0

Development updatesPosted by Logophil Sun, March 06, 2016 17:43:32
Version 1.4 of the Demo features improvements to the 3D lighting effects of version 1.3, new text animation effects, UI improvements, and numerous bug fixes (see below). All levels now start off completely dark, but lights can be powered on if you find a generator!

NEW: torch and forcefield power bar now shown in quickslots and inventory
NEW: torches and forcefield can now be turned on and off
NEW: all levels start dark, however activating generators (new map feature) can turn lights on
NEW: animated text with sound effects for main log text and main info panels
NEW: permanent ammo and scrap display in main UI
MOD: items that can be equipped in quickslots are now differentiated through border colour
MOD: items currently equipped in quickslot now marked with asterisk in inventory
MOD: some performance optimization for update line of sight routines
MOD: improvement to main splash title text and image
FIX: typo on workbench help
FIX: add sound to equip in quickslot
FIX: strange behaviour when deleting items in inventory which are equipped in quickslot/equipment slot
FIX: bug with enemy seen messages occuring twice for same alien in some cases
FIX: bug where ‘torch out of power’ message shows when no torch equipped
FIX: bug where ‘torch out of power’ message shows every turn in some cases
FIX: quickslot items sound not working
FIX: terminal sound volume
FIX: remove ability to add item to more than one quickslot
FIX: volume of workbench sound reduced
FIX: bug with goodie crates not loading correctly

Demo 1.3.3

Development updatesPosted by Logophil Sat, February 20, 2016 17:56:07
Introducing some basic background music (to be improved further). Also user interface sound effects and a few other fixes:

NEW added basic atmospheric background music
NEW added menu sound effects
NEW added option to disable map scrolling (for low-spec systems)
MOD set default resolution to 1376 x 768 for PC version
FIX issue with mouse click sometimes occasionally not opening menu items
FIX door open sound no longer occurs when loading a level
FIX bug where moving damaged crates removes crate health bar

Demo 1.3.2

Development updatesPosted by Logophil Sat, February 20, 2016 00:16:46
Another minor update fixing a couple of bugs leftover from 1.3.0.

FIX: bug with highscore rankings
FIX: run-down torch shows -1 instead of 0 when mouse hovers over quickslot
FIX: repeat of run-down torch message every turn in main log
FIX: walls at edge of the map not showing when in line of sight
FIX: bug in which changing screen resolution between play sessions causes problems.

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