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Check here for development updates

About Xenomarine

Xenomarine is a sci-fi roguelike game. Click here for the main game site.

Alpha 3.5: Patch Notes (Steam only)

Development updatesPosted by Logophil Sun, November 12, 2017 10:10:29
It seems those pesky Wurms have been tunneling through through the steel walls of the space station, and creating weird alien caverns…


NEW: alien caverns
NEW: secret passageways accessed by secret doors
NEW: improved lighting effects for randomly generated colour scheme
NEW: 4 new floor tile variants


MOD: armor resistances limited to 50% resistance before level 10


NEW: clicking on terminals etc now activates auto-mouse-movement


FIX: bug where mission crates are generated for assault missions
FIX: spelling error on terminal screen for health

Alpha 3.4: Patch Notes (Steam Only)

Development updatesPosted by Logophil Sun, November 12, 2017 10:08:07
Another update focussed on responding to the great feedback received on the Early Access so far, including what should be some quite tangible changes to do with graphical variety, line of sight and game balance.


NEW: added 6 wall tile variants for variety
NEW: randomly generated colour scheme for each level


MOD: line of sight for generator-lit rooms is now 360 degrees (firing arc unchanged)


MOD: ‘salvage’ missions now involve special equipment crates
MOD: 'salvage' missions have fewer targets


MOD: ammo from equipment crates increased by 100%
MOD: reduce experience cost to learn new skills by 20%
MOD: scrap from equipment crates increased by 1


NEW: added ‘fail to spot secret door’ sound effect
NEW: added random tip to explain secret door mechanics
NEW: torch automatically turns off to save power when resting
MOD: changed font colour for random tip at start
MOD: allow limited mouse-controlled movement over radioactive/poison tiles
FIX: minimap now updates immediately after use of terrain scanner
FIX: can no longer access inventory while using workbench or terminals
FIX: mouse map scrolling added to controls help

Quick update (v3.3) (Steam only)

Development updatesPosted by Logophil Sun, November 12, 2017 10:07:07
Just uploaded a quick update to fix a couple of bugs relating to camera movement, while also adding some new features requested by players:

NEW: can now scroll map using mouse at screen edge
NEW: option to have map always centered on player
NEW: added random tip to starting log entries
MOD: decreased alarm volume
MOD: decrease crafting costs for low-level items
MOD: reduce mission success sound volume
FIX: bug with saving of zoom level at death
FIX: bug when determining when to scroll map
FIX: info shown when hacking aliens data and no remaining aliens on level

Xenomarine is now on Steam Early Access!

Development updatesPosted by Logophil Wed, October 25, 2017 16:50:35
Xenomarine is now available on Steam early access (as well as on itch as before)! Here is a full list of changes in the new version (with credit given to the game testers on Reddit who recommended the changes)

New game mode
NEW: Adventure mode (no permadeath but highscores disabled)

NEW: 2 new drone types (heavy combat drones and advanced heavy combat drones)
NEW: proportion of drones begin level as hostile in higher levels
NEW: drone mousehover description includes hostile/neutral/friendly status
MOD: increase hit points for drones
FIX: drone lights sometimes turned off even when in line of sight

NEW: animation showing location of mission targets
NEW: log messages for mission outcomes
MOD: improved mission generation with more varied and achievable mission targets (baconcow/meangreenmachine)
MOD: better balance of number of equipment crates to find in salvage missions
MOD: better balancing of experience gained from missions
FIX: bug with alien count (used for mission generation) on loading levels

NEW: data terminal which can be hacked to access level data

New items
NEW: new energy fields: stealth field, cloaking field, phase shift field
NEW: new forcefields (wide angle and full)
NEW: new stimpack types: vitality shots and regeneration shots
NEW: new large (long-range) torch type

Better support for large and small screen resolutions
NEW: new option to choose log font size
MOD: clicking on log no longer toggles height of log (removed because of interference with other mouse controls)
MOD: removed background image for game log
MOD: ammo/power/condition bars enlarged for improved visibility at different resolutions
FIX: bug with screen resolution preventing closing of mission terminal panel
FIX: bug where unable to change settings on some screen resolutions
FIX: stretching of background image for options screen on very large and very small resolutions
FIX: improved scaling of inventory and achievement icons on different resolutions
FIX: improved scaling of value bars (ammo/condition/power)
FIX: errors in scaling position of armor resistance icons on inventory panel

Game balance:
MOD: improve health skill increases actual health as well as maxhealth (augustdream)
MOD: slight increase to overall number of interactable level features, with more regularity for key features like terminals and workbenches
MOD: radiation rooms removed from levels 1 and 2
MOD: minor adjustment to difficulty level
MOD: average power for goggles increased
MOD: reduced taser dmage
MOD: reduce trap frequency

User interface
NEW: belt slots keyboard shortcuts shown
NEW: improved keyboard targeting to allow targeting of crates and eggs (lapislosh)
NEW: improved keyboard targeting for devices and throwing weapons (lapislosh)
NEW: warning text to confirm death when starting new game, or exiting game
MOD: add option panel for use of teleporter for next level
MOD: increased basic log dimensions
MOD: slowed flashing of text colour for available skills in terminal (baconcow)
MOD: controls info added to splash screen (lapislosh)
MOD: long range scanner blips now stay on the map until the end of player turn
FIX: bug where unable to close inventory by clicking inventory button
FIX: add menu sound to game mode toggle
FIX: bug where closing help screen for terminal/workbench unpauses the game
FIX: bug where pressing escape from armor screen opens options screen
FIX: bug with ‘inventory full’ log message not showing correctly
FIX: bug making it impossible to close splash screen windows using ‘enter’ (lapislosh)
FIX: encumbrance help text now shown when hovering over encumbrance bar as well as encumbrance text(lapislosh)
FIX: panel exit buttons not wokring on splash screen
FIX: problem with menu sounds not playing on settings screen
FIX: bug where icon for alien in cover overlaps icon for alien debuffs
FIX: bug where some actions (e.g use of quickslots) are still possible while game is paused
FIX: added value bar background for scanners
FIX: changing focus to another application and then clicking back in the game no longer generates mouse input (lapislosh)

Log messages
NEW: log messages now show enemy chance to hit
MOD: improve log messages for exploding barrels (to allow stacking of similar messages)
FIX: log message error for low log detail when being hit by non-blockable attack
FIX: incorrect log message for egg damage from main weapon (corruptsoule)
FIX: occasionally missing log text when finding radioactivity vaccine
FIX: bug with duplication of log messages when opening equipment crates
FIX: bug with empty log messages on low and medium log detail levels

NEW: added drone damaged/destroyed sound
MOD: improved low health sound effect (baconcow)
MOD: adjusted sound effect when generating level (baconcow)
MOD: changed sound effect when changing option settings (baconcow)
FIX: bug with egg hatch sound not playing when eggs are visible
FIX: fixed scanner sound for new scanner types
FIX: bug where sound effects get turned on by equipping an item from a belt slot
FIX: incorrect sound volume for level up sound effect(baconcow)

NEW: new achievement icons
NEW: torch now shows range as part of standard info
MOD: improved scanner animation for map scanners
MOD: increased frequency and more irregular distribution of floor vents
MOD: improved dual-wielding help text to clarify shield requirements
MOD: torch renamed flashlight (lapislosh)
FIX: bug with impact of terrain and illness on to alien to hit chance
FIX: bug where cancelling new game select stil resets character
FIX: bug when increasing weapon skill at terminal with active skill debuff
FIX: wurms no longer spawn new wurms on poisonous etc tiles
FIX: bug allowing occasional alien movement onto dangerous tiles
FIX: improve egg spawning to avoid blocking path to teleporter (lapislosh)
FIX: bug where egg can be damaged by normal weapons after a special weapon attack (corruptsoule)
FIX: fixed dual-wielded chainsaw sprite

Alpha 2 Released!

Development updatesPosted by Logophil Wed, August 30, 2017 23:38:58
The second Alpha version of Xenomarine is now available to download on Alpha 2 finally removes the level cap of previous releases, meaning there are now infinitely many levels of increasing difficulty. Other new features in Alpha 2 inlude randomly generated miniquests, 27 unlockable achievements, and 21 new item/armor/weapon types.

Here is the updated feature comparison chart:

..and a full list of changes:

Infinite Levels
NEW: Level cap removed: infinite number of levels (though content for later levels still limited)

New Feature: Miniquests
NEW: Random miniquests to gain extra XP, aka ‘Security Missions’ (3 basic types)

New Feature: Achievements
NEW: 27 achievements added
NEW: Non-steam achievements panel accessible from splash and options screen

New Weapons
NEW: 3 new weapons added

New Armor
NEW: 1 new armor and helmet class added (8 base types in total)
NEW: Armor can now have multiple resistances, including special resistance features such as ‘nonocarbon coating’
MOD: Improved naming system for armor types, so armor, helmet, belt, boots and shield can be ‘good’, excellent’ or ‘exceptional’ based on bonuses
FIX: Some inconsistencies in previous armor naming system

New Items
NEW: 8 new scanner types includig structural analyser and bio-analyser
MOD: Scanners now have limited energy and can be recharged with batteries
MOD: Greater rarity of biohazard traps

Other Improvements
NEW: Add log info when player resists status effects
NEW: Sound effect for lightsword
NEW: Sound effect for egg hatching
MOD: Chance to accidentally trigger traps when disarming increased
MOD: Enemies now have 50% chance of attacking other enemies when confused
MOD: Enemy blindness now reduces enemy chance to hit as well as confused movement
FIX: Update to controls help page to reflect changes to quickslot functions
FIX: Handle cases where trying to apply devices to wrong kind of item
FIX: Error where inventory help message stays on screen after closing inventory
FIX: Bug where item names are not generated for some belts and shields
FIX: Error with auto-torch help text in settings screen
FIX: Bug where resistances do not protect against effect of floor tiles
FIX: Bug where ramblers appear to move under traps
FIX: Status effects and effects of armor are now calculated when player is caught in the blast of own weapon
FIX: Effects of armor are now calculated when player is caught in the blast of an exploding barrel
FIX: Clicking no longer attempts to resize log on small screen resolutions

Alpha 1 Released!

Development updatesPosted by Logophil Sat, June 10, 2017 10:51:47
After more than two years in active development, Xenomarine is now in Alpha on!

A full description of the changes will shortly be available on IndieDB, but here is a chart showing a comparison of the features available in the Alpha compared to the Demo:

Here is the complete changelog:

Skills and Class

NEW: ‘class’ stat (e.g. soldier, engineer) added to terminal and highscores
NEW: ‘hacking’ skill,-used to hack and acquire drones
NEW: ‘alien tech’ skill used for mind-control devices and other tech
NEW: skills flash when available for clarity


NEW: combat drones (which can be hacked!)
NEW: scout drones (which can be hacked!)
NEW: hacking devices (required for hacking)

Level Design/Graphics

NEW: 12 new levels available (Alpha only)
NEW: 70 new enemy types available (Alpha only)
NEW: more variety for 1x1 rooms
NEW: ‘medical alternate’ room styles
NEW: ‘terminal’ style desks
NEW: 3x3 vaults
NEW: add additional 2x2 vaults
NEW: egg ‘hives’
NEW: floor scattered with scrap
NEW: procedurally generated atmospheric sounds improved (and game music removed)
NEW: desk objects (laptops, tablets, paper)
NEW controlpanel sprites as alternative to desk
NEW: new status-causing ‘goo’ tiles for later levels
NEW: 3x3tile floor area sprite to replace centre of rooms
NEW: yellow lights for radioactive rooms with new siren sound
NEW: coloured lights for special floor tiles
NEW: sprites for crates, crates also renamed
NEW: chest lights stop flashing when used
MOD: change corridor generation for vaults to allow connections to different room shapes
MOD: delete more rooms for more varied map layouts
MOD: reduce alarm volume
MOD: more varied level sizes
FIX: bug where no suitable locaton for vault found
FIX: less likely to spawn near teleporter
FIX: remove disconnected rooms
FIX: bug causing rooms connected only by secret doors to be deleted
FIX: med vault layout bug (see screenshot)
FIX: bug where being in water causes enemies always to miss
FIX: blood spatter disabled on water tiles

Weapons and Armor

NEW: 24 new weapon types available (Alpha only)
NEW: 12 additional grenade types with new sound effects
NEW: armor and helmet types
NEW: 2 additional shield types
NEW: minigun sound effect
FIX: minigun no longer has range 1


NEW: status effect upgrades for player weapons
NEW: mindcontrol devices using alien tech skill
NEW: night-vision goggles (longer range than torches, shorter life);
NEW: 25 weapon enhancements
NEW: 20 new trap types available (Alpha only)
NEW: improved scanner animation and sound effects
MOD: turning torch/goggles on during a turn now costs 1 power
MOD: torches and goggles weight reduced to 1
FIX: bug where weakness antipack ineffective against severe weakness


NEW: ALT+ mvmt keys to move map using keybaord
FIX: auto-mouse-movement no longer goes through dangerous floor tiles
NEW: improved dual-wielding controls (second weapon is skipped if no enemy in range)
FIX: auto-mouse movement disabled when hallucinating

Inventory and Quickslots

NEW: delete button pulsates when available to make it easier to find
NEW: can now swap quickslots when using keyboard shortcuts
MOD: removed torch restriction from second slot on belt
NEW: more belt utilisation sounds

Help/Tutorial Text

NEW: help message when dragging usables to equipment slots
NEW: help message when dragging item to ineligible quickslot (torch/medkits)
NEW: help text when trying to repair armor with no scrap/other help for workbench
NEW: log message ‘you are low on health’
MOD: increased log font size
NEW: experience now shown on char stats?
NEW: message in main log to indicate encumbrance
NEW: help tips between levels
NEW: dual-wielding help message when unable to equip second weapon
NEW: info about changing movement controls on controls screen
NEW: log message ‘you now have enough experience points to learn a skill’

Log/Info Text

NEW: black background to log during LSD trap
NEW: remove ‘in the equipment crate’ from find messages (too long)
NEW: severely injured and close to death message now come after welcome messages on new level
NEW: added outline to hover info to stand out against light areas
NEW: text indicators for ‘out of ammo’ and status effects
NEW: mouseover alien show to hit with current weapon
MOD: more accurate info text for multi-vaccine
FIX: shield resistance info formatting
FIX: bug with hidden log messages when resizing log


NEW: UI scaling for small and large screensizes, with improved sprites
NEW: improve demo and alpha completion experience, showing highscores for game
NEW: some game sounds improved
MOD: ‘illness’ debuff made less powerful
MOD: enemy distribution changed so more ‘themed’ levels
FIX: resting disabled when poisoned or radioactive
FIX: bug with some damage types not impacting health bar

Demo Version 2.2.0 Released

Development updatesPosted by Logophil Thu, February 23, 2017 10:36:32
This update includes a very large number of UI improvements, game balance adjustments and bug fixes. Highlights include significant improvements to keyboard ranged combat controls, an advanced inventory sorting function, animation for the player sprite, and a number of new items to be found and used - such as the personal teleport device!

New items

NEW: antipacks added (cure status effects)
NEW: vaccines added (acquire resistance to status effects)
NEW: added personal teleport devices
NEW: teleport trap
NEW: batteries (new item class) that can be used to recharge torches and forcefields


NEW: added advanced inventory sorting mechanism
NEW: add player pref to alway sort inventory
NEW: animation added for inventory selection
NEW: special sound effect to indicate invalid inventory actions
NEW: ammo type added to weapon info in inventory
MOD: can now auto-equip a non-dual-wielded weapon while dual-wielding
MOD: can now check player status info while inventory screen open
FIX: a few issues relating to auto-equip function when dual-wielding/using shield
FIX: bug where using contextual menu for item selects item beneath the menu
FIX: bug where some game controls not disabled while in inventory screen

Improved Keyboard controls

NEW: keyboard can be used to set target for throwing weapoms
NEW: keyboard movement controls can be used to select target in targeting mode
NEW: keyboard shortcut for delete/reorganise in inventory
MOD: keyboard game controls no longer disabled when mouse is over main log
MOD: better handlng of keyboard target selection when no enemies in range
MOD: improved extended keyboard numpad controls
MOD: pressing ‘fire’ when no target identified does not end turn
MOD: keyboard fast move now stops on trap detection (as well as enemy detection)
FIX: bug preventing cycling through more distant targets using keyboard

General User Interface

NEW: ‘rest’ command added (both mouse and keyboard)
NEW: can now zoom in and out of minimap when enlarged
NEW: heads up display info shown when triggering trap
NEW: log size now saved as player preference
NEW: ammo bars now shown for weapons in belt slots
NEW: damage numbers outlined so as to stand out better against background
NEW: restored health indicated by green numbers
MOD: minimap now toggles between large and small, no option to hide minimap
MOD: main log width increased
MOD: log now automatically updates log messages to fit new size after resizing
MOD: ‘escape’ can now be used to exit targeting mode
MOD: traps now included in default target set
MOD: space bar now skips current weapon instead of ending turn when dual-wielding
MOD: more user friendly interface for acquiring armor improvement skill
FIX: bug where closing terminal/workbench does not close help file
FIX: health and experience bars now update while in inventory/terminal screens
FIX: experience bar text formatting error when >1000 experience
FIX: bug where levelup indicator only shown when >target experience not >=
FIX: bug preventing ability to use zoom controls when first starting level
FIX: various issues with area effect targeting
FIX: bug where closing workbench initiates auto-movement
FIX: bug with targeting range used when blind, or when torch turned off
FIX: bug where pressing space bar does not close windows
FIX: bug where windows remain open when clicking start game while window is open
FIX: problems with pressing multiple menu items on splash screen in succession
FIX: various problems with mouseover/target info not updating correctly

Balance Adjustments

NEW: 2x2 area effect added for some medium/heavy weapons
MOD: goodie crates likely to be spawned in same areas as enemies
MOD: terminal now more likely on level 1 and 2
MOD: scanners, forcefields, grenades and traps now all have weight 1
MOD: torches much rarer (due to introduction of batteries)
MOD: chests now contain ammo not weapons at higher levels
MOD: rocket launcher and flamethrower now ignore cover
MOD: balance adjusted so fewer groups of aliens on early levels
MOD: increased number of starting belt slots from 2 to 3
MOD: first two belt slots reserved for medkit and light sources
MOD: torches can be crafted at workbench
MOD: cost of various crafting options adjusted
MOD: reduced ammo/turn cost of rapid-fire weapons
MOD: number of ’goodie crates’ reduced for larger levels
MOD: adjustments to amount of strength reduced by weakness and severe weakness
MOD: improved balance through more sophisticated medikit drop chance calculation
MOD: improved chances of finding forcefields
MOD: increased probabiliy of large groups of aliens
MOD: adjusted probability of finding belts with higher number of belt slots
MOD: much wider range of armor status resistances generated
MOD: number of ammunition drops increased
FIX: bug making it possible not to find a ranged weapon in first two levels

Other Gameplay Related Changes/Fixes

MOD: can now target invisible squares when using throwing weapons
MOD: scanner now ineffective when totally blind
MOD: illness now has infinite duration until cured
MOD: more emergency lights now convert to normal lights on activating generator
FIX: bug where encumbrance penalty is not applied
FIX: bug where weakness reduces strength cumulatively each turn
FIX: bug where disarmed traps are aquired without trap skill
FIX: barrel explosion damage type corrected from acid to explosive
FIX: occasional bug with enemy attacks not causing status effects
FIX: occasional bug where enemy moves twice on reloading weapon
FIX: bug where acid resistance does not protect against acid
FIX: bug where changing weapon in inventory sometimes does not take a turn
FIX: bug where shooting a teleport trap causes player to teleport
FIX: bug with forcefield being automatically turned on when acquiring new items
FIX: bug with shield block effect calculation
FIX: bug causing incorrect turn sequence when paralysed/stunned
FIX: rpk 4.0 incorrectly treated as light weapon
FIX: better handling of cases of attacking enemy on same square as trap

Morgue Files/Highscores

NEW: game stats for current game now available immediately on death
FIX: rare bug with highscore ordering
FIX: bug with highscore being duplicated when exiting game immediately after death
FIX: bug causing crash when trying to record number of attacks using shield bash

General Graphics

NEW: player sprite ‘idle’ animation
MOD: improved targeting animation and targetmode graphics
MOD: improved minigun sprite
MOD: improved power axe sprite
FIX: incorrect lightsword sprite
FIX: bug where enemies appear to slide under traps
FIX: bug relating to mechanical claw sprite
FIX: bug with graphical settings causing white lines to appear on some systems

Sound Effects

NEW: added chainsaw sound
NEW: added trash sound
NEW: added spot trap sound
NEW: added menu sounds for terminal
NEW: added keyboard/mouse targeting sound

Info and Help text

NEW: range of throwing weapons now shown on all relevant info panels
NEW: torch/goggle ‘auto’ status shown in torch info text
NEW: area effect of ranged weapons now shown
NEW: various controls added to controls help screen
NEW: more detailed info shown for quickslot items including turn cost
NEW: character info panel now shows active statuses
NEW: show effect of acid on armor info panel
NEW: armor resistances shown on armor info panel
NEW: armor bonus from improvement now shown explicitly in armor info
FIX: bug where dual-wield penalty is shown when about to equip a weapon you cannot dual-wield
FIX: text formatting error with biochem to hit effect info
FIX: biochem to hit effect not shown in inventory/main panel
FIX: mistake in info for clearmind shot
FIX: minor error in info text when hovering over ammo in inventory

Log Messages

NEW: log messages for when egg hatches in line of sight/hearing range
NEW: log message shows spot secret door chance
NEW: added log messages from death from poison/radioactivity
MOD: change auto torch messages so they ‘stack’ in main log
MOD: log messages no longer reveal alien type when completely blind
MOD: log messages for reloading now specify ammo type
MOD: improved multivaccine wears off log messages
MOD: improved death from acid blood log message sequence
FIX: confusing damage logs for traps causing status effects
FIX: misleading log messages when shooting a trap


MOD: improved determination of ‘level feelings’
MOD: updated ‘about’ text on splash screen
MOD: auto-torch improved so does not turn off when briefly facing a wall
FIX: fixed unstable method of quitting application in PC version
FIX: bug where torch attempts to auto-turn-on when out of battery
FIX: bug where accidentally triggering a trap with no blast radius does not injure player
FIX: issue with inconsistent lighting in adjacent sections of large rooms
FIX: bug where starting new game sometimes loads previous player character
FIX: bug where line of sight goes through diagonally adjacent wall tiles

Demo Version 2.1.0 Released

Development updatesPosted by Logophil Wed, December 21, 2016 22:49:23
Another significant update to the Demo version was released today on You could think of this as the 'traps' release, as these constitute a whole new game mechanic. But then there's also the coloured room lighting, status effects, game stats, procedurally generated atmospheric sounds and many user interface improvements...

NEW: Traps
-new traps (60 distinct trap types, 14 available in Demo)
-10 new status effects (debuffs) caused by traps and some aliens
(acid, weakness, confusion, illness, radioactive, stun, poison, paralysis, blind, slow)
-trap skill now used to detect, and disarm
-can redeploy disarmed traps at higher trap skill levels

NEW: Sound and lighting effects
-atmospheric ‘emergency lighting’ with alarm sound effects
-rooms with ‘broken’ lighting
-some rooms have emergency lighting before generators found
-new atmospheric background noises for all rooms

NEW: Level features
-eggs (spawn finite aliens after random time)
-persistent blood spatter

NEW: Player stats
-detailed stats on death and for each highscore
-includes kills by alien type

NEW: UI improvements
-auto-torch setting (torch automatically turns off in lit rooms to save power)
-new icons for damage and status types
-status effect bar and floating icons for player and enemies
-settings now available from splash screen
-new player settings
-log direction
-atmospheric sounds
-keypress repeat interval
-clicking outside windows now closes windows
-custom cursor

NEW: improved keyboard controls
-improved keyboard fast move while holding down movement keys
-detailed sensitivity settings for keyboard fast move
-new ‘center map’ keyboard control (BACKSPACE)

Minor gameplay/balance changes
-damage from facehugger’s acid blood causes acid status
-first weapon found on level 1 is always a ranged weapon
-wurm reproduction limited to reduce ‘farming’

Other changes
-colour scheme, brightness and contrast improvements
-blood visuals on death
-new sound effects for acid blood
-various improvements to log messags
-minor improvements to inventory text
-minor corrections to help texts

Bug Fixes
-fixed occasional bug with main menu buttons not working
-fixed occasionl bug with game settings not saving correctly
-fixed discrepancy in large facehugger sounds
-fixed bug with floor types being changed when pushing crates
-fixed typo in workbench help

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