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Check here for development updates

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New graphical update coming soon

Development updatesPosted by Logophil Sat, February 06, 2016 08:58:14
I’m hoping to be able to release a graphically updated Demo next week, along with a couple of balance tweaks and bug-fixes.

The main improvements are:

1) Much improved floor tiles. Those who have tried the Demo will be aware there was previously only one fairly boring floor tile type. Interesting I initially had programmed in more than one, but with the sprites I had for them I felt it actually looked worse. With the new sprites I’ve brought multiple types back in, and also added some random variations to the scudding of the basic one, and I’m really happy with the result:

2)Complete overhaul of the UI graphics, including most importantly a revamp of the terminal, workbench and inventory screens. Also new pop-up windows, new main UI and new splash page and menu text. Here's the new terminal screen: