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Alpha 4.1: Patch notes

Development updatesPosted by Logophil Fri, December 29, 2017 22:42:35
Alpha 4.1 now available on Steam. There are 10 new weapons, including 5 new alien weapons, and cool new weapons (with new sound effects) like the ‘void laser’. All weapon stats have also been thoroughly checked and rebalanced. There are also 3 new assault mission types.


NEW: 10 new weapon types, including new alien weapons, sniper rifle and void laser
NEW: improved sound effects for some weapons
MOD: rebalancing of all weapons
FIX: shotgun and mini-lascannon can now be dual-wielded


NEW: 3 new assault mission types: 'breach from below', 'drone virus' and 'plant life'


MOD: add low-battery scanner to starting inventory
MOD: crafting costs reduced for ammo and medkit
MOD: line of sight for generator-lit rooms increased to 12 tiles
MOD: exploding barrels now cause explosive damage and destroy nearby walls etc
MOD: hallucination visual effect modified to be easier on the eyes
MOD: secret doors are now automatically spotted from within secret passages, even after failing earlier spot test
FIX: bug where chests spawn at edge of map in alien caverns (causing a 'tile not recognised' error)
FIX: bug where plants and equipment crates spawn on top of large equipment crates
FIX: bullets gained from workbench increased to 10
FIX: bug with mission time limit for salvage mission
FIX: bug with shadows not updating correctly when destroying walls with explosive weapons
FIX: formatting problem when showing 3 or more 'to hit' adjustments in inventory screen