Check here for development updates

Check here for development updates

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Alpha 4: Release notes

Development updatesPosted by Logophil Fri, December 08, 2017 23:23:27
Time for a pretty major update! 40 new alien types or variants, alien plants, destructible environment and lots of smaller improvements…


NEW: Added 'alien plants' which grow in alien caverns (from level 2; 8 variants)
NEW: Added new base enemy type: ‘slicer’ (from level 9; 12 variants)
NEW: Added 3 new enemy variants for all base alien types: 1) phase-shifted, 2) dark blue and 3) multicoloured
MOD: changed level generation to increase range of enemy variants on levels 1-10
MOD: improved drone AI to allow targeting at up to range 3
MOD: improved alien AI so they find alternative route when blocked by other aliens


NEW: 3 new base scanner types for detecting traps and secret doors


NEW: Walls, furniture and doors can now be destroyed by weapons with 'explosive' damage type
MOD: Weapons with 'explosive' damage type automatically destroy crates and barrels


NEW: ammo now shown numerically for equipped weapons
NEW: camera follows player option now uses smooth camera panning
NEW: improved map scrolling with mouse (scroll speed frame-independent and relative to zoom level)
FIX: ‘no ammo’ pop-up text now shown for weapon equipped in left hand
FIX: added info about scrolling map with mouse+alt-key to controls screen
FIX: increased width of top-left ammo display text to avoid text-wrapping with more than 99 ammo


MOD: increased rocket launcher to hit chance
MOD: power of mind globes increased from level 8
MOD: can now retain battery when scrapping flashlight with full (>=1000) battery power
MOD: reduced duration of radioactive damage debuff by 40%
MOD: increased weapon range of combat drones


MOD: improved display for results of hacking data terminal
MOD: more detailed information shown for hacking electronics data
MOD: hacking aliens data now includes drones, eggs and alien plants
FIX: bug with data shown when hacking electronics data


NEW: 7 new random tips added
NEW: pressing F1 shows random tip in main log
NEW: added log message for when combat drones become hostile on taking damage
NEW: character stats screen now shows effect of encumbrance on weapon skill
NEW: added support for Mac Retina screens
FIX: information panel (e.g. for achievement) sometimes hidden behind terminal/inventory panels
FIX: log message for destruction of barrel no longer refers to ‘crate’
FIX: destroying a barrel no longer unlocks the ‘vandal’ achievement
FIX: error with item description for blade converter, and for weapons with blade conversion
FIX: removed visual artefacts (white vertical lines) while scrolling map on high-spec systems
FIX: speed of movement with keys held down now frame-independent (better for high-spec systems)
FIX: bug with mechanic for missed thrown weapon attacks
FIX: bug with target indicators when using mouse to target area effect weapon
FIX: stimpacks introduced in Alpha 3.3 can now be used from inventory
FIX: bug with occasionally failing to unpause game after using security terminal
FIX: hallucination visual effect not loading from save
FIX: improved log message when aliens trigger traps
FIX: improved formatting of mousehoverinfo for drones
FIX: bug with description of traps in inventory screen

Plus for users without access to the Steam patches, here’s a summary of the other changes since Alpha 3


NEW: alien caverns
NEW: secret passageways accessed by secret doors
NEW: improved lighting effects for randomly generated colour scheme
NEW: 4 new floor tile variants
NEW: added 6 wall tile variants for variety
NEW: randomly generated colour scheme for each level


MOD: armor resistances limited to 50% resistance before level 10
MOD: ammo from equipment crates increased by 100%
MOD: reduce experience cost to learn new skills by 20%
MOD: scrap from equipment crates increased by 1


NEW: scroll map using mouse at screen edge
NEW: clicking on terminals etc now activates auto-mouse-movement
NEW: added ‘fail to spot secret door’ sound effect
NEW: added random tip to explain secret door mechanics
NEW: torch automatically turns off to save power when resting
NEW: option to have map always centered on player
MOD: changed font colour for random tip at start
MOD: allow limited mouse-controlled movement over radioactive/poison tiles
FIX: minimap now updates immediately after use of terrain scanner
FIX: can no longer access inventory while using workbench or terminals


MOD: line of sight for generator-lit rooms is now 360 degress (firing arc unchanged)


MOD: ‘salvage’ missions now involve special equipment crates


NEW: added random tip to starting log entries
MOD: decreased alarm volume
MOD: decrease crafting costs for low-level items
MOD: reduce mission success sound volume
FIX: bug with saving of zoom level at death
FIX: bug when determining when to scroll map
FIX: info shown when hacking aliens data and no remaining aliens on level
FIX: bug where mission crates are generated for assault missions
FIX: spelling error on terminal screen for health