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Check here for development updates

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Alpha 3.4: Patch Notes (Steam Only)

Development updatesPosted by Logophil Sun, November 12, 2017 10:08:07
Another update focussed on responding to the great feedback received on the Early Access so far, including what should be some quite tangible changes to do with graphical variety, line of sight and game balance.


NEW: added 6 wall tile variants for variety
NEW: randomly generated colour scheme for each level


MOD: line of sight for generator-lit rooms is now 360 degrees (firing arc unchanged)


MOD: ‘salvage’ missions now involve special equipment crates
MOD: 'salvage' missions have fewer targets


MOD: ammo from equipment crates increased by 100%
MOD: reduce experience cost to learn new skills by 20%
MOD: scrap from equipment crates increased by 1


NEW: added ‘fail to spot secret door’ sound effect
NEW: added random tip to explain secret door mechanics
NEW: torch automatically turns off to save power when resting
MOD: changed font colour for random tip at start
MOD: allow limited mouse-controlled movement over radioactive/poison tiles
FIX: minimap now updates immediately after use of terrain scanner
FIX: can no longer access inventory while using workbench or terminals
FIX: mouse map scrolling added to controls help