Check here for development updates

Check here for development updates

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Xenomarine is a sci-fi roguelike game. Click here for the main game site.

Xenomarine is now on Steam Early Access!

Development updatesPosted by Logophil Wed, October 25, 2017 16:50:35
Xenomarine is now available on Steam early access (as well as on itch as before)! Here is a full list of changes in the new version (with credit given to the game testers on Reddit who recommended the changes)

New game mode
NEW: Adventure mode (no permadeath but highscores disabled)

NEW: 2 new drone types (heavy combat drones and advanced heavy combat drones)
NEW: proportion of drones begin level as hostile in higher levels
NEW: drone mousehover description includes hostile/neutral/friendly status
MOD: increase hit points for drones
FIX: drone lights sometimes turned off even when in line of sight

NEW: animation showing location of mission targets
NEW: log messages for mission outcomes
MOD: improved mission generation with more varied and achievable mission targets (baconcow/meangreenmachine)
MOD: better balance of number of equipment crates to find in salvage missions
MOD: better balancing of experience gained from missions
FIX: bug with alien count (used for mission generation) on loading levels

NEW: data terminal which can be hacked to access level data

New items
NEW: new energy fields: stealth field, cloaking field, phase shift field
NEW: new forcefields (wide angle and full)
NEW: new stimpack types: vitality shots and regeneration shots
NEW: new large (long-range) torch type

Better support for large and small screen resolutions
NEW: new option to choose log font size
MOD: clicking on log no longer toggles height of log (removed because of interference with other mouse controls)
MOD: removed background image for game log
MOD: ammo/power/condition bars enlarged for improved visibility at different resolutions
FIX: bug with screen resolution preventing closing of mission terminal panel
FIX: bug where unable to change settings on some screen resolutions
FIX: stretching of background image for options screen on very large and very small resolutions
FIX: improved scaling of inventory and achievement icons on different resolutions
FIX: improved scaling of value bars (ammo/condition/power)
FIX: errors in scaling position of armor resistance icons on inventory panel

Game balance:
MOD: improve health skill increases actual health as well as maxhealth (augustdream)
MOD: slight increase to overall number of interactable level features, with more regularity for key features like terminals and workbenches
MOD: radiation rooms removed from levels 1 and 2
MOD: minor adjustment to difficulty level
MOD: average power for goggles increased
MOD: reduced taser dmage
MOD: reduce trap frequency

User interface
NEW: belt slots keyboard shortcuts shown
NEW: improved keyboard targeting to allow targeting of crates and eggs (lapislosh)
NEW: improved keyboard targeting for devices and throwing weapons (lapislosh)
NEW: warning text to confirm death when starting new game, or exiting game
MOD: add option panel for use of teleporter for next level
MOD: increased basic log dimensions
MOD: slowed flashing of text colour for available skills in terminal (baconcow)
MOD: controls info added to splash screen (lapislosh)
MOD: long range scanner blips now stay on the map until the end of player turn
FIX: bug where unable to close inventory by clicking inventory button
FIX: add menu sound to game mode toggle
FIX: bug where closing help screen for terminal/workbench unpauses the game
FIX: bug where pressing escape from armor screen opens options screen
FIX: bug with ‘inventory full’ log message not showing correctly
FIX: bug making it impossible to close splash screen windows using ‘enter’ (lapislosh)
FIX: encumbrance help text now shown when hovering over encumbrance bar as well as encumbrance text(lapislosh)
FIX: panel exit buttons not wokring on splash screen
FIX: problem with menu sounds not playing on settings screen
FIX: bug where icon for alien in cover overlaps icon for alien debuffs
FIX: bug where some actions (e.g use of quickslots) are still possible while game is paused
FIX: added value bar background for scanners
FIX: changing focus to another application and then clicking back in the game no longer generates mouse input (lapislosh)

Log messages
NEW: log messages now show enemy chance to hit
MOD: improve log messages for exploding barrels (to allow stacking of similar messages)
FIX: log message error for low log detail when being hit by non-blockable attack
FIX: incorrect log message for egg damage from main weapon (corruptsoule)
FIX: occasionally missing log text when finding radioactivity vaccine
FIX: bug with duplication of log messages when opening equipment crates
FIX: bug with empty log messages on low and medium log detail levels

NEW: added drone damaged/destroyed sound
MOD: improved low health sound effect (baconcow)
MOD: adjusted sound effect when generating level (baconcow)
MOD: changed sound effect when changing option settings (baconcow)
FIX: bug with egg hatch sound not playing when eggs are visible
FIX: fixed scanner sound for new scanner types
FIX: bug where sound effects get turned on by equipping an item from a belt slot
FIX: incorrect sound volume for level up sound effect(baconcow)

NEW: new achievement icons
NEW: torch now shows range as part of standard info
MOD: improved scanner animation for map scanners
MOD: increased frequency and more irregular distribution of floor vents
MOD: improved dual-wielding help text to clarify shield requirements
MOD: torch renamed flashlight (lapislosh)
FIX: bug with impact of terrain and illness on to alien to hit chance
FIX: bug where cancelling new game select stil resets character
FIX: bug when increasing weapon skill at terminal with active skill debuff
FIX: wurms no longer spawn new wurms on poisonous etc tiles
FIX: bug allowing occasional alien movement onto dangerous tiles
FIX: improve egg spawning to avoid blocking path to teleporter (lapislosh)
FIX: bug where egg can be damaged by normal weapons after a special weapon attack (corruptsoule)
FIX: fixed dual-wielded chainsaw sprite