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Check here for development updates

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Xenomarine is a sci-fi roguelike game. Click here for the main game site.

Alpha 2 Released!

Development updatesPosted by Logophil Wed, August 30, 2017 23:38:58
The second Alpha version of Xenomarine is now available to download on Alpha 2 finally removes the level cap of previous releases, meaning there are now infinitely many levels of increasing difficulty. Other new features in Alpha 2 inlude randomly generated miniquests, 27 unlockable achievements, and 21 new item/armor/weapon types.

Here is the updated feature comparison chart:

..and a full list of changes:

Infinite Levels
NEW: Level cap removed: infinite number of levels (though content for later levels still limited)

New Feature: Miniquests
NEW: Random miniquests to gain extra XP, aka ‘Security Missions’ (3 basic types)

New Feature: Achievements
NEW: 27 achievements added
NEW: Non-steam achievements panel accessible from splash and options screen

New Weapons
NEW: 3 new weapons added

New Armor
NEW: 1 new armor and helmet class added (8 base types in total)
NEW: Armor can now have multiple resistances, including special resistance features such as ‘nonocarbon coating’
MOD: Improved naming system for armor types, so armor, helmet, belt, boots and shield can be ‘good’, excellent’ or ‘exceptional’ based on bonuses
FIX: Some inconsistencies in previous armor naming system

New Items
NEW: 8 new scanner types includig structural analyser and bio-analyser
MOD: Scanners now have limited energy and can be recharged with batteries
MOD: Greater rarity of biohazard traps

Other Improvements
NEW: Add log info when player resists status effects
NEW: Sound effect for lightsword
NEW: Sound effect for egg hatching
MOD: Chance to accidentally trigger traps when disarming increased
MOD: Enemies now have 50% chance of attacking other enemies when confused
MOD: Enemy blindness now reduces enemy chance to hit as well as confused movement
FIX: Update to controls help page to reflect changes to quickslot functions
FIX: Handle cases where trying to apply devices to wrong kind of item
FIX: Error where inventory help message stays on screen after closing inventory
FIX: Bug where item names are not generated for some belts and shields
FIX: Error with auto-torch help text in settings screen
FIX: Bug where resistances do not protect against effect of floor tiles
FIX: Bug where ramblers appear to move under traps
FIX: Status effects and effects of armor are now calculated when player is caught in the blast of own weapon
FIX: Effects of armor are now calculated when player is caught in the blast of an exploding barrel
FIX: Clicking no longer attempts to resize log on small screen resolutions