Check here for development updates

Check here for development updates

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Demo Version 2.2.0 Released

Development updatesPosted by Logophil Thu, February 23, 2017 10:36:32
This update includes a very large number of UI improvements, game balance adjustments and bug fixes. Highlights include significant improvements to keyboard ranged combat controls, an advanced inventory sorting function, animation for the player sprite, and a number of new items to be found and used - such as the personal teleport device!

New items

NEW: antipacks added (cure status effects)
NEW: vaccines added (acquire resistance to status effects)
NEW: added personal teleport devices
NEW: teleport trap
NEW: batteries (new item class) that can be used to recharge torches and forcefields


NEW: added advanced inventory sorting mechanism
NEW: add player pref to alway sort inventory
NEW: animation added for inventory selection
NEW: special sound effect to indicate invalid inventory actions
NEW: ammo type added to weapon info in inventory
MOD: can now auto-equip a non-dual-wielded weapon while dual-wielding
MOD: can now check player status info while inventory screen open
FIX: a few issues relating to auto-equip function when dual-wielding/using shield
FIX: bug where using contextual menu for item selects item beneath the menu
FIX: bug where some game controls not disabled while in inventory screen

Improved Keyboard controls

NEW: keyboard can be used to set target for throwing weapoms
NEW: keyboard movement controls can be used to select target in targeting mode
NEW: keyboard shortcut for delete/reorganise in inventory
MOD: keyboard game controls no longer disabled when mouse is over main log
MOD: better handlng of keyboard target selection when no enemies in range
MOD: improved extended keyboard numpad controls
MOD: pressing ‘fire’ when no target identified does not end turn
MOD: keyboard fast move now stops on trap detection (as well as enemy detection)
FIX: bug preventing cycling through more distant targets using keyboard

General User Interface

NEW: ‘rest’ command added (both mouse and keyboard)
NEW: can now zoom in and out of minimap when enlarged
NEW: heads up display info shown when triggering trap
NEW: log size now saved as player preference
NEW: ammo bars now shown for weapons in belt slots
NEW: damage numbers outlined so as to stand out better against background
NEW: restored health indicated by green numbers
MOD: minimap now toggles between large and small, no option to hide minimap
MOD: main log width increased
MOD: log now automatically updates log messages to fit new size after resizing
MOD: ‘escape’ can now be used to exit targeting mode
MOD: traps now included in default target set
MOD: space bar now skips current weapon instead of ending turn when dual-wielding
MOD: more user friendly interface for acquiring armor improvement skill
FIX: bug where closing terminal/workbench does not close help file
FIX: health and experience bars now update while in inventory/terminal screens
FIX: experience bar text formatting error when >1000 experience
FIX: bug where levelup indicator only shown when >target experience not >=
FIX: bug preventing ability to use zoom controls when first starting level
FIX: various issues with area effect targeting
FIX: bug where closing workbench initiates auto-movement
FIX: bug with targeting range used when blind, or when torch turned off
FIX: bug where pressing space bar does not close windows
FIX: bug where windows remain open when clicking start game while window is open
FIX: problems with pressing multiple menu items on splash screen in succession
FIX: various problems with mouseover/target info not updating correctly

Balance Adjustments

NEW: 2x2 area effect added for some medium/heavy weapons
MOD: goodie crates likely to be spawned in same areas as enemies
MOD: terminal now more likely on level 1 and 2
MOD: scanners, forcefields, grenades and traps now all have weight 1
MOD: torches much rarer (due to introduction of batteries)
MOD: chests now contain ammo not weapons at higher levels
MOD: rocket launcher and flamethrower now ignore cover
MOD: balance adjusted so fewer groups of aliens on early levels
MOD: increased number of starting belt slots from 2 to 3
MOD: first two belt slots reserved for medkit and light sources
MOD: torches can be crafted at workbench
MOD: cost of various crafting options adjusted
MOD: reduced ammo/turn cost of rapid-fire weapons
MOD: number of ’goodie crates’ reduced for larger levels
MOD: adjustments to amount of strength reduced by weakness and severe weakness
MOD: improved balance through more sophisticated medikit drop chance calculation
MOD: improved chances of finding forcefields
MOD: increased probabiliy of large groups of aliens
MOD: adjusted probability of finding belts with higher number of belt slots
MOD: much wider range of armor status resistances generated
MOD: number of ammunition drops increased
FIX: bug making it possible not to find a ranged weapon in first two levels

Other Gameplay Related Changes/Fixes

MOD: can now target invisible squares when using throwing weapons
MOD: scanner now ineffective when totally blind
MOD: illness now has infinite duration until cured
MOD: more emergency lights now convert to normal lights on activating generator
FIX: bug where encumbrance penalty is not applied
FIX: bug where weakness reduces strength cumulatively each turn
FIX: bug where disarmed traps are aquired without trap skill
FIX: barrel explosion damage type corrected from acid to explosive
FIX: occasional bug with enemy attacks not causing status effects
FIX: occasional bug where enemy moves twice on reloading weapon
FIX: bug where acid resistance does not protect against acid
FIX: bug where changing weapon in inventory sometimes does not take a turn
FIX: bug where shooting a teleport trap causes player to teleport
FIX: bug with forcefield being automatically turned on when acquiring new items
FIX: bug with shield block effect calculation
FIX: bug causing incorrect turn sequence when paralysed/stunned
FIX: rpk 4.0 incorrectly treated as light weapon
FIX: better handling of cases of attacking enemy on same square as trap

Morgue Files/Highscores

NEW: game stats for current game now available immediately on death
FIX: rare bug with highscore ordering
FIX: bug with highscore being duplicated when exiting game immediately after death
FIX: bug causing crash when trying to record number of attacks using shield bash

General Graphics

NEW: player sprite ‘idle’ animation
MOD: improved targeting animation and targetmode graphics
MOD: improved minigun sprite
MOD: improved power axe sprite
FIX: incorrect lightsword sprite
FIX: bug where enemies appear to slide under traps
FIX: bug relating to mechanical claw sprite
FIX: bug with graphical settings causing white lines to appear on some systems

Sound Effects

NEW: added chainsaw sound
NEW: added trash sound
NEW: added spot trap sound
NEW: added menu sounds for terminal
NEW: added keyboard/mouse targeting sound

Info and Help text

NEW: range of throwing weapons now shown on all relevant info panels
NEW: torch/goggle ‘auto’ status shown in torch info text
NEW: area effect of ranged weapons now shown
NEW: various controls added to controls help screen
NEW: more detailed info shown for quickslot items including turn cost
NEW: character info panel now shows active statuses
NEW: show effect of acid on armor info panel
NEW: armor resistances shown on armor info panel
NEW: armor bonus from improvement now shown explicitly in armor info
FIX: bug where dual-wield penalty is shown when about to equip a weapon you cannot dual-wield
FIX: text formatting error with biochem to hit effect info
FIX: biochem to hit effect not shown in inventory/main panel
FIX: mistake in info for clearmind shot
FIX: minor error in info text when hovering over ammo in inventory

Log Messages

NEW: log messages for when egg hatches in line of sight/hearing range
NEW: log message shows spot secret door chance
NEW: added log messages from death from poison/radioactivity
MOD: change auto torch messages so they ‘stack’ in main log
MOD: log messages no longer reveal alien type when completely blind
MOD: log messages for reloading now specify ammo type
MOD: improved multivaccine wears off log messages
MOD: improved death from acid blood log message sequence
FIX: confusing damage logs for traps causing status effects
FIX: misleading log messages when shooting a trap


MOD: improved determination of ‘level feelings’
MOD: updated ‘about’ text on splash screen
MOD: auto-torch improved so does not turn off when briefly facing a wall
FIX: fixed unstable method of quitting application in PC version
FIX: bug where torch attempts to auto-turn-on when out of battery
FIX: bug where accidentally triggering a trap with no blast radius does not injure player
FIX: issue with inconsistent lighting in adjacent sections of large rooms
FIX: bug where starting new game sometimes loads previous player character
FIX: bug where line of sight goes through diagonally adjacent wall tiles