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Check here for development updates

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Demo Version 2.1.0 Released

Development updatesPosted by Logophil Wed, December 21, 2016 22:49:23
Another significant update to the Demo version was released today on You could think of this as the 'traps' release, as these constitute a whole new game mechanic. But then there's also the coloured room lighting, status effects, game stats, procedurally generated atmospheric sounds and many user interface improvements...

NEW: Traps
-new traps (60 distinct trap types, 14 available in Demo)
-10 new status effects (debuffs) caused by traps and some aliens
(acid, weakness, confusion, illness, radioactive, stun, poison, paralysis, blind, slow)
-trap skill now used to detect, and disarm
-can redeploy disarmed traps at higher trap skill levels

NEW: Sound and lighting effects
-atmospheric ‘emergency lighting’ with alarm sound effects
-rooms with ‘broken’ lighting
-some rooms have emergency lighting before generators found
-new atmospheric background noises for all rooms

NEW: Level features
-eggs (spawn finite aliens after random time)
-persistent blood spatter

NEW: Player stats
-detailed stats on death and for each highscore
-includes kills by alien type

NEW: UI improvements
-auto-torch setting (torch automatically turns off in lit rooms to save power)
-new icons for damage and status types
-status effect bar and floating icons for player and enemies
-settings now available from splash screen
-new player settings
-log direction
-atmospheric sounds
-keypress repeat interval
-clicking outside windows now closes windows
-custom cursor

NEW: improved keyboard controls
-improved keyboard fast move while holding down movement keys
-detailed sensitivity settings for keyboard fast move
-new ‘center map’ keyboard control (BACKSPACE)

Minor gameplay/balance changes
-damage from facehugger’s acid blood causes acid status
-first weapon found on level 1 is always a ranged weapon
-wurm reproduction limited to reduce ‘farming’

Other changes
-colour scheme, brightness and contrast improvements
-blood visuals on death
-new sound effects for acid blood
-various improvements to log messags
-minor improvements to inventory text
-minor corrections to help texts

Bug Fixes
-fixed occasional bug with main menu buttons not working
-fixed occasionl bug with game settings not saving correctly
-fixed discrepancy in large facehugger sounds
-fixed bug with floor types being changed when pushing crates
-fixed typo in workbench help