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Check here for development updates

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Xenomarine is a sci-fi roguelike game. Click here for the main game site.

Demo Version 1.6.0 released

Development updatesPosted by Logophil Mon, May 23, 2016 06:09:08
Released today on, version 1.6 adds animation to Xenomarine for the first time, as well loads of game improvements, particularly when it comes to map generation. Maps now have some double-sized rooms, and also include two new types of floor tiles that make rooms more interesting: water (which gives a -10 to hit penalty) and floor gaps (which are impassable, but transparent to line of sight). As always, full changelog below.

Encountering an alien in a room with one of the new floor tiles:

NEW: Animation
Animated enemy sprites
Animated door opening
Targeting animation
Animated room features such as weapon lockers

NEW: Level generation features
Level-generation to include larger rooms (medium-sized ‘vaults’)
Floor tiles: gap and water tiles
Code streamlining so quicker mapgen

NEW: User interface features
Revised sound effects
Mousehover now shows info about type of map tiles
Add credits page to splashscreen
Automatic ordering of inventory now occurs whenever new item acquired
Player direction indicator now on by default

Balance adjustments
Map generation now includes more wide corridors for more diverse tactical situations
Strength skill no longer adds +1 damage each level, but only on levels 3 and 5
Elemental aliens now cause +100% elemental damange instead of +50%
Reduced hit points for crates so they are less effective as cover
Medibays removed from the game, medikits made more powerful
Decreased likelihood of torches being found

Bug Fixes
Fixed bug that allowed torches to be stacked in inventory with power of both running down simultaneously
Fixed bug that sometimes prevented reloading from taking a turn
Fixed bug causing occasional impassable void squares on map
Fixed bug that allowed crowbar with very good bonuses to be found on level 2
Fixed last few words being cut off in inventory help text
Fixed bug where damage numbers seemed to move beneath wall shadows