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Check here for development updates

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Demo 1.2.0 coming soon

Development updatesPosted by Logophil Sat, January 23, 2016 13:59:44

Thanks to some great feedback on the Demo so far (v1.1.0 currently available here) I’ve been working really hard this week fixing bugs, and adding requested features, like the new optional player direction indicator.

I’ve also been doing some refactoring and generally streamlining code, in an effort to reduce the small lags that can occur especially on the higher levels with more aliens. I really like the effects so far, which make movement much smoother and faster.

Preview of optional direction indicator and of faster movement with no lags!

I’ve also been trying to improve the main UI graphics, no major breakthroughs yet, but I have some new ideas I’ll be trying out next week. You can already see a hint of the diagonal lines I’ve been playing with on the preview video above.

Next week among other things I still need to fix a bug I’d thought I’d fixed already, where when stimpack effects wear off, your strength plummets to about minus 5000 - sounds a bit like real life :)

Hoping to release v1.2.0 of the demo next weekend if all goes well..