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Check here for development updates

About Xenomarine

Xenomarine is a sci-fi roguelike game. Click here for the main game site.

v1.0.1 patch notes

Development updatesPosted by Logophil Tue, April 30, 2019 00:23:33
Just a quick update with a few post-launch bug-fixes:

MOD: when equipping an item from a belt slot, belt slot now fills with item being swapped out
FIX: when equipped weapon/armor is also a belt slot item (now rare), belt slot display reflects changes in ammo/armor condition
FIX: bug preventing batteries being replaced on stealth, cloaking and phase shift fields
FIX: bug causing nonexistent ammo conversion type to be generated when picking up equipment crate ("Nothing [Device1]96" log message).
FIX: speed run achievement not activating correctly
FIX: bug causing occasional unpredictable behaviour when attacking bare-handed
FIX: improved display of 'to use' % for hacking devices to avoid text overrun

It's here!

Development updatesPosted by Logophil Tue, April 23, 2019 23:05:31

Yes, you are reading your scanner right - Xenomarine version 1.0 is here to meet all your alien-busting needs.

Here's a summary of changes in this version.

* Complete set of achievements (27 new achievements added)
* Long-awaited balance improvements e.g. better distribution of terminals
* UI improvements e.g. scrolling with middle mouse button
* Many, many bugs fixed

Overall these stability and balance improvements mean that you can now take full advantage of the ever-changing challenges, ever-new equipment and ever-more deadly hordes of aliens to level 30 and well beyond!

Full list of changes:

NEW: 27 new steam achievements
NEW: middle mouse button or alt+mouse to scroll
NEW: description of statuses shown in info panel
NEW: added description of tracking ability to xenobiology panel
NEW: added help message when trying to equip multiple forcefield
NEW: critical hit chance for equipped weapon shown in main UI display
NEW: sound effects for lightning and singularity globes
BALANCE: improved balance in generation of terminals, workbenches and chests so at least one of each will almost always be found on each level
BALANCE: damage of heavy drone weapons reduced
BALANCE: fusion grenade damage type changed to explosive
MOD: disabled equipping hacking device in belt slot if have 0% hacking skill - added help message explaining this if try
MOD: forcefield bar display now shows % of max power rather than absolute power value
MOD: improved damage sound effects for alien plants
MOD: improved scanner animations for map feature scanners
MOD: 'enemy is electrocuted' log message now includes how much damage is taken
MOD: traps now have 100% chance of causing status effect for damage type
FIX:bug where mindcontrolled enemies cause status effect to wrong enemy when attacking
FIX: encumbramce help message does not wrap in text box
FIX: bug with some previously unseen rooms and walls being visible after using generator
FIX: various minor issues with text on character and inventory screen
FIX: bug where hacking device cannot be added to belt while forcefield is equipped
FIX:hacking device shown as forcefield stats
FIX: bug where when equipping weapon in place of weapon attached to quickslot, quickslot also changes
FIX: 'you completed alpha version' incorrectly shown when dieing on level 16 or higher
FIX: large rambler animations are sometimes too fast
FIX: bug where shooting at tile with an undetected trap produces log message 'you have triggered a trap' without actually triggering the trap
FIX: trap-related log messages sometimes appear in confusing order
FIX: scanners occasionally fail to reveal aliens
FIX: map is sometimes not revealed after resting
FIX: no sound effect when aliens die of poison
FIX: no longer 'gain knowledge' about field generators when their power runs out
FIX: 'a hostile small gun turret comes into view' shown after placing turret from inventory
FIX: bug where goodie crate pickup and triggering traps is delayed till next turn
FIX: incorrect damage sound played for turrets and field generators
FIX: improved log messages for aliens attacking friendly units
FIX: bug where learned skills are not shown in correct colour
FIX: incorrect rambler walk sound
FIX: when loading level when cloaking field is equipped animation starts even if cloaking field is switched off
FIX: log now shows damage absorbed by armor when no damage taken.
FIX: bug with tracking number of player controlled drones when teleporting to new level
FIX: bug with energy scanner,equipment scanner, and bioscanner not revealing all relevant targets
FIX: ESP globe no longer generates 'X comes into view' log messages
FIX: inventory description now includes regeneration effect of regeneration globes
FIX: alien globes are now correctly sorted in inventory
FIX: improved inventory description of forcefields crafted at workbench
FIX: bug allowing player controlled drones to attack other player controlled mobs

Xenomarine Beta Release

Development updatesPosted by Logophil Mon, May 14, 2018 09:03:24
It's been a long time coming: Xenomarine is now at Beta. The game is now complete in terms of having all the content and features originally planned (as well as a whole lot that was not originally planned but was added on the way!).

It's not yet transitioning to full Steam release for three main reasons:

1) While the game is basically stable and all known bugs have been fixed, a further period of testing and player feedback is expected to reveal additional harder-to-find bugs
2) Similarly, during Beta further testing and player feedback is expected to lead to minor game difficulty and balance adjustments
3) Finally, during Beta, further Steam achievements will be added

So if you'd like to help shape the final product please do use this opportunity to give feedback - the best place for this is the discussions section of the Steam community.

Xenomarine Beta includes improved highscore stats, Steam leaderboards and some significant changes requested by players, such as a 'bestiary' and the ability to continue 'adventure mode' games without restarting the level. Here's a full list of changes:


NEW: description of how player died added to morguefile
NEW: number of drones/turrets hacked to morguefiles
NEW: enemy kills screen now shows detailed Xenobiology info
MOD: improved alien kills and general morguefile layout
FIX: some incorrect alien images on alien kills screen


NEW: can now access all Xenobiology info learned in each run via special Xenobiology ('bestiary') screen (using 'x' key)


NEW: Steam leaderboards added for highest number of kills and highest level reached


MOD: increase hit points for medium and heavy turrets
MOD: experience gain for destroying drones and turrets increased if unit is hostile
MOD: no experience gain when player controlled drone or turret is killed
MOD: night vision goggles battery life tripled
MOD: further tweaks to difficulty progression
FIX: advanced rocket launcher no longer has 20 ammo capacity!


NEW: added 3 new tips relating to xenobiology
NEW: more detailed skill info on character screen including new perks
NEW: push back chance shown with block info in inventory screen
NEW: log messages now describe turrets as neutral or hostile


NEW: sound effects for alien plants and slicers
MOD: improved railgun sound
FIX: sound effect for large reaper fixed


MOD: can now continue adventure mode games without restarting level
MOD: aliens no longer not attack scout drones unless blocking path to another target
FIX: movement controls improved to avoid accidentally moving two tiles with a keypress
FIX: bug with pathfinding causing paths to be traced through turrets, causing infinite loop
FIX: bug where flamethrower cannot be fired with mouse from targeting mode
FIX: bug where flamethrower cannot be used to attack eggs when targeting an adjacent square
FIX: bug allowing placement of turrets in odd locations e.g. pit tiles
FIX: bug where not able to set traps on certain floor tiles
FIX: bug where hidden mechanism detecter fails to reveal secret doors if player has already
failed a spot throw for that door
FIX: removed irrelevant xenobiology log messages for drones and turrets
FIX: bug causing log messages which say damage type has been resisted despite 0% resistance

Alpha 5.2: patch notes

Development updatesPosted by Logophil Sun, April 15, 2018 09:43:07
This is a pretty significant patch: with the new armor types and alien tech in this release, Xenomarine is now complete with respect to equipment (weapons, armor, items), at least in terms of having all items originally planned (I may actually add one or two more things yet, but these will be a bonus rather than part of the original plan).

In addition this patch adds 7 new perks (special abilities gained through skill progression) to the earlier 5, including such things as auto-reload, and 'push back' abilities - as well as a perk that introduces 'critical hits' to the combat mechanics. There's also a major overhaul of the way knowledge of aliens is gained and used, including new log messages to make this part of the game more accessible to players.

Finally this patch brings a significant adjustment to the difficulty curve that should be directly noticeable by players. While Xenomarine is still very much intended to be a 'hard' and intensely tactical game, the aim of this balance adjustment is to make the ability to get past levels 3-6 less dependent on lucky equipment finds. Instead you should experience a more gradual increase in difficulty as levels progress. However I would welcome further feedback from players on the new difficulty curve!

Overall Xenomarine is now close to being ready to ship: look out for the first 'Beta' release in the coming weeks!


NEW: 'superheavy' armor types
NEW: 'heavy' and 'superheavy' helmet types
NEW: high-level alien tech including 'singularity globe'


NEW: log messages for when knowledge gained about alien species
NEW: +5 to hit bonus for a species earned after killing 20 aliens of same species
NEW: ability to predict presence of aliens after killing 10 of same species


NEW: 7 new perks to be gained through skill progression


MOD: set trap should be on player square
MOD: replaced 'throwing knife' with '10 powerpacks' in workbench
MOD: number of shells/fuel gained at workbench increased to 10
MOD: minor reduction of number/difficulty of aliens in early levels, minor increase in later levels
MOD: number of alien eggs reduced for early levels, increasing with level number
MOD: limit (skill-dependent) on number of simultaneous drones


FIX: bug where neutral combat drones/turrets sometimes attack player at close range
FIX: bug where unable to block when alien attacks from the right
MOD: alien ammo renamed 'alien powerpacks'

Alpha 5.1: patch notes

Development updatesPosted by Logophil Tue, March 20, 2018 22:14:29

Smallish patch with a few useful bugfixes:

FIX: bug where new enemy types prevented from spawning in levels 18-25
FIX: bug with advanced hacking kit not working and showing zero power
FIX: bug where aliens keep attacking after death
FIX: gun turret health not shown in mousehover info after kill of same type
FIX: auto-movement no longer stopped by neutral turrets
FIX: atomic vaporiser can now fire at walls/doors with ‘f’ key
FIX: bug where aliens sometimes not revealed by bioscanner
MOD: weight of medium boots increased to 3

Alpha 5: patch notes

Development updatesPosted by Logophil Tue, March 06, 2018 14:26:32
It's a pretty big one! The 'Drones and Turrets' release add gun turrets to the game for the first time. Turrets can be either neutral or hostile and can be hacked in the same way as drones, and basic ones can also be found as placeable inventory items. This release also finally adds player move animation to the game! More details below.


NEW: 3 types of gun turrets
NEW: scout drones and gun turrets can now be found as equipment
NEW: drones can now have weapons with incendiary or electric damage
MOD: 'fire at nearest' command now ignores neutral drones/turrets as targets
FIX: sound effect for combat drones
FIX: bug where drones do not turn to face player when making ranged attack
FIX: drones are now resistant to poison
FIX: bug with mouseover info for drone resistances


NEW: smooth movement animation for player
MOD: 'key repeat delay' option changed to 'move speed'


NEW: power tool that can cut through walls/doors
NEW: new hacking devices variants including hacking bonuses


NEW: 1600 new extra-large vault layouts


MOD: stealth field battery life increased by 500%
MOD: salvage mission targets now have minimum distance from player


MOD: jetpacks now come with enough fuel for two jumps
FIX: jetpacks no longer allow movement through walls/doors
FIX: jetpacks and field generators now sorted correctly in inventory
FIX: using jetpack no longer avoids terrain status effects


FIX: various inventory items incorrectly set as stackable in inventory
FIX: incorrect number of unopened large equipment crates shown in data terminal

Alpha 4.3: Patch notes

Development updatesPosted by Logophil Mon, February 12, 2018 22:59:53
This release adds 12 new base item types with new game mechanics, including some high-level alien tech and...jetpacks! Also some much-need bugfixes.


NEW: 3 new base stimpack types (each with many variants)
NEW: 4 jetpack types
NEW: Energy barrier
NEW: Hyper-teleporter
NEW: 3 new alien globe types (each with many variants)


MOD: when right-clicking usable to add to quickslot last slot is selected by default rather than first
NEW: can now use 'enter' key from new game panel to start new game
NEW: improved size, look and location of inventory contextual menu
FIX: some annoyances relating to selection of inventory items


NEW: sound effect for aliens pushing aside floor tile
MOD: Trilinear filtering added to player, alien and level sprites (less pixellation)


FIX: bug with player armor resistances not protecting against enemy status effects
FIX: problem (in some resolutions) with overlapping text in link from controls screen to setting screen
FIX: total number of log messages shown reduced to ensure most recent log messages always fit in log
FIX: bug where log message not shown when using item from inventory
FIX: bug where batteries do not charge energy fields
MOD: it is no longer possible to target friendly mobs
FIX: auto-target no longer targets friendly units
FIX: bug causing occasional 'teleportation' when activating auto-mouse-movement by clicking on inaccessible square
FIX: error in probability for success when using mind globe
FIX: bug allowing enemies to move twice when pressing 'f' to attack with throwing weapon or other device
FIX: bug with inventory contextual menu for weapon enhancements and batteries
FIX: mousehover info for aliens now includes special powers (e.g. regeneration) where appropriate
FIX: bug where character screen does not show impact of 'weakness' status on 'to hit'
FIX: bug where combat drones ignore effects of player cover when firing from a distance
FIX: corrected description of dual-wielding skill in terminal screen

Alpha 4.2: Patch notes

Development updatesPosted by Logophil Thu, January 11, 2018 23:53:30
As aliens coming up through the floor proved to be quite a popular idea, in 4.2 this happens more frequently, meaning you are never quite safe from the alien threat! In this patch there are also more weapons, and - finally - the ability to close doors!


NEW: 8 new weapon types


NEW: aliens now come up through the floor more often and at random (rather than just for missions)


NEW: close doors with 'right-click' or 'o'-key


NEW : mouseover info for aliens now includes health, attack damage and attack type if player has previously killed aliens of that type.
MOD: shooting an alien on same tile as trap now triggers trap
MOD: aliens hatching from eggs are less dangerous types on average
FIX: bug where shooting at teleport trap teleports self
FIX: incorrect mousehover info for 'open door' and 'floor with hazard markings'
FIX: ability to dual-wield no longer affected by 'to hit' penalties, e.g. from illness
FIX: error in number of targets in mission description for 'drone virus' and 'plant life' missions
FIX: scanner sound effect not playing for some scanner types

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